iText 7: more powerful, efficient and versatile

Standards for administration, archiving, invoicing and compliance increasingly rely on PDF. iText is the right partner to help you automate your documentation processes. We offer powerful and flexible tools for PDF creation, editing and inspection, and have been doing so for over 15 years. With the release of iText 7, redesigned from the ground up, even more features and functionalities are now at developers' fingertips. iText serves over 5,000 customers across the world, including finance, governmental, technology and logistics companies. With us, you can truly take your documentation needs to the next level.

Our dual license model

iText comes with a dual-license model owing to its roots in the open-source community. This means that as long as you respect the AGPL license, you can use the open-source versions of iText. To guard your intellectual property, receive professional support and take advantage of iText's advanced features, however, a commercial license is required. You can check out our quick, one-minute animations shown here to the right why PDF can bring vast benefits to your workflow and why it is worth considering getting iText.

Why choose iText?

Eliminate manual document processes
Our solutions are integrated directly into your software to automate database, application and process conversions into PDF.
Improve workflow performance
Reduce cost and time by customizing e-commerce, accounting, CRM, ECM, ERP and other systems
Comply with industry and legal standards
Automatically create standards compliant PDFs from databases, website forms, code or PDF.

PDF as a cornerstone of digital transformation

With companies and organizations caught up in the next wave of digital transformation, we offer a closer look at how PDF may overcome the traditional roadblocks on the way the low-paper office and its many benefits.

iText is a member of the PDF Association.

The PDF Association promotes the adoption and use of International Standards related to PDF technology by assisting enterprise content management (ECM), document management system (DMS) and advanced PDF users with the implementation of PDF technology on an organizational level. In order to assist companies in making the most of PDF technology, the PDF Association provides organizations with information and resources on the variety of International Standards available for PDF.