Chapter 14: The imaging model

Chapter 14 of the book iText in Action 2E covers:
  • The PDF Imaging Model
  • All methods in PdfContentByte
  • Using Graphics2D to create PDF content
This chapter dives straight into the PDF syntax. You'll find tables listing all the possible graphics and text operators and operands available in PDF and iText. This chapter serves as a reference that can be used to look up the meaning of the syntax in a PDF file, and to find the iText methods that correspond with this syntax. You'll also be introduced to an alternative way of creating content using java.awt.Graphics2D.
  • 14.1: Examining the content stream
  • 14.2: Path construction and painting operators
    • 14.2.1: Constructing paths
    • 14.2.2: Painting and clipping paths
    • 14.2.3: Convenience methods to draw shapes
  • 14.3: Overview of the graphics state methods
    • 14.3.1: Line characteristics
    • 14.3.2: Colors
    • 14.3.3: Changing the coordinate system
    • 14.3.4: Affine transformations using Java
  • 14.4: Overview of the text and text state methods
    • 14.4.1: Text state operators
    • 14.4.2: Text-positioning and text-showing operators
    • 14.4.3: Convenience methods for text
  • 14.5: Using java.awt.Graphics2D
    • 14.5.1: Drawing content to PdfGraphics2D
    • 14.5.2: Drawing text to PdfGraphics2D
  • 14.6: Summary
Consult the full table of contents, take a look at the illustrations from this chapter, or try out some of the examples: