iText 1.4.1 - iText 1.4.8 (May 22, 2006 - December 19, 2006)

iText 1.4.1 (May 22, 2006)

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • HTMLWorker: treatment of http images; made some fields protected
    • PdfGraphics2D: some clarification on compiling with JDK 1.3
    • PS: some fixes
    • TIFF: a compression tag was set in the wrong variable
    • TIFF: allow the reading of tiffs without the rowstrip tag (extra fix)
    • bugfix: PdfContentByte.saveState() was not making a copy of the state
    • PdfReader hack to read broken pfds that have nulls in the kid page array
    • PdfCopy: changes made to allow replacing existing images
    • PdfCopy.freeReader() for better memory management
    • Read encrypted PDF with keylength not 128 Bit and revision 3
    • More efficient rectangles (Mark Storer)
  • Changes made by Mark Hall
    • RtfLists in RtfListItems are now handled correctly.
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Class Table: rowspan fix by Bruno
    • Class Table: bug report #1460051 concerning table split over different pages
    • GreekList: upper- and lowercase were switched (bug reported by Shawn Qi)
    • List.setListSymbol always overwrites the list symbol set with ListItem.setListSymbol (bug reported by Shawn Qi)
    • Removed some unused code/classes
    • Image alignment fix
    • MultiColumnText: fixed an endless loop problem and made the object more user-friendly
    • XML Handler: Ricardo Coutinho removed a side-effect that prevented you to define the pagesize/orientation or a document
    • XML Handler: basefont problem fixed after a report by Conta Matteo
    • XHTML parsing made case insensitive
    • Changes to the Toolbox
      • Added a tool to view images that are inside the PDF as an Image XObject (code contributed by Carsten Hammer)
      • It is now possible to define the opacity of a text watermark added using the toolbox plug-in (code contributed by Carsten Hammer)
      • Added a DirFilter for the PhotoAlbum plug-in (code contribution by Johannes Schindelin)

iText 1.4.2 (June 23, 2006)

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • Font factory: cached option added
    • Support for document level file attachments in PdfWriter and PdfStamper
    • When reading a PDF: accept names of any size (even names that are longer than allowed)
    • PdfGraphics2D: class cast exception fix in doAttributes()
    • PdfGraphics2D: fixed rectangle optimizations (they didn't work with transforms)
    • PdfGraphics2D: some dispose calls were missing
    • PdfNameTree/PdfNumberTree: values can be PdfObject and not only PdfIndirectReference
    • PdfReader: fixed a class cast exception signing encrypted PDFs in append mode
    • Added support for certified documents (contributed by Antonio Iacono)
    • PostScript fixes by Carsten Hammer
  • Changes made by Mark
    • The RtfAddableElement is a Chunk that can be extended for RTF specific functionality
    • Tab support for the RTFWriter2
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Extra table fix for class Table (rowspan problem)
    • TreeView changes by Carsten Hammer

iText 1.4.3 (July 29, 2006)

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • Fixed bold and italic output with fonts created from BaseFont
    • Image.LEFT wasn 't working in some places
    • Forms: the rotation was not being taken care of in getFieldPositions()
    • in 128 bit encryption the owner key was being set to blank
    • Fix: change PdfGraphics2D.getFontRenderContext() method to create FontRenderContext according to current hints and use context from this method throughout the code.
    • PdfGraphics2D: fixed a class cast exception in doAttributes()
    • PdfSignatureAppearance: added new appearance types
    • TIFFLZWDecoder: fix for broken tiffs with lzw compression
    • TiffImage: some extra support for jpeg images
  • Changes made by Mark
    • RtfSection/RtfTableOfContents/RtfTOCEntry: removed the font parameters in the constructor since they were ignored and confusing people.
    • RtfHeaderFooter: reworked so that now multiple Elements can be set into the header
    • Fixed a cell/row spanning bug (tables/cells)

iText 1.4.4 (August 28, 2006)

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • XFA support static forms
    • more names in GlyphList (list is now read from a txt file in com.lowagie.text.pdf.fonts)
    • custom encodings as strings in BaseFont.createFont()
    • PdfGraphics2D: fixed the drawing order bug with create()
    • PdfPTable: big padding values exceeding the cell dimensions wrapped around and created a space that should be zero
    • TiffImage: more fixes for OJPEG
  • Changes made by Mark
    • RtfDirectContent and RtfParser provide the functionality for adding arbitrary RTF content directly and for adding complete RTF documents or document fragments into the RTF document being written.
    • RtfShape provides the capabilities for using Word 97-2000 Drawing Objects with the RtfWriter.
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • HTML parsing: values of HTML attributes were made lowercase (bugfix #1507632 by Kazuya Ujihara)
    • Table/Cell: applied bugfix #1531800 and #1531812 posted by John Hammen
    • Table2PdfPTable: applied bugfix #1528846
    • Graphics State: patch #1514667 asked for a method to set the Overprint Mode. Bruno added a method (slightly different from the patch)
    • Updated license information (Bouncy Castle, Carsten Hammer no longer 'anonymous',...)
    • icons for the tree viewer plug-in were not in the release
    • resolved a code audit warning posted by Darryl Miles in DefaultFontMapper, BuildTutorial and PhotoAlbum
    • removal of some XmlToXXX classes that weren't used anymore
    • resolved some Eclipse warning in the XMP and toolbox packages
    • toolbox plug-in: refactored some variable names (translated German words into English)

iText 1.4.5 (September 14, 2006)

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • added support for the attribute "style" in HTMLWorker
    • better handling of null or invalid values when reading PDFs
    • used a MappedByteBuffer instead of a RandomAccessFile (suggested by Joakim Sandstroem)
    • PdfArray: null values are handled in toPdf()
    • PdfDictionary: null and PdfNull values are not inserted
    • added some support for alpha composite (by Alexej Suchov)
    • PdfPTable et al.: padding adjustment for rotation 180 degrees + fix with rotated cells
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • the was not integrated into the release (jar, src)
    • removed e-mail addresses that 'bounce' from the source code
  • Changes made by Mark
    • fixed a bug where headers /footers on the first page were being calculated from wrong page sizes.

iText 1.4.6 (October 27, 2006)

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • Normalization of Colors (conversion from 0-255 to 0-1); fix of a problem reported by Roger Misteli
    • Normalization of Rectangles in fields (when coordinates are not given in the expected order).
    • null exception prevention in classes DocumentFont, GlyphList and PdfCopy
    • GlyphList: use the name "bar" instead of "verticalbar".
    • Annotation Unicode support
    • PdfReader: more robust error handling + removeUnusedObjects() is not recursive anymore
    • PdfStream: multiple filters would fail
    • PdfWriter: the info output intent was switched with the registry name
    • shared resource dictionaries won't share any longer the objects of all the pages
  • Changes made by Mark
    • Update of the RTF tutorial
    • RtfTokeniser: speed improvement (contributed by Bullo in a SourceForge bug report #1566255)
    • RtfFont: access to the charset (contributed by Lidong Liu on the mailinglist)
    • RtfAnchor: escape text correctly for anchor url
    • Override isEmpty() from Chunk. This was causing bugs where RtfAddableElement subclasses were not being added to Cells correctly.
  • Changes made by Xavier
    • new target in the ANT scripts to regenerate the JavaCC generated classes
    • target is set to 1.4 for compilation (ANT scripts)
    • code cleanup of the tutorial examples: removal of unnecessary import clauses, useless casts, and so forth
    • Several code optimizations and cleanup operations in many different iText classes.
      In some cases unreported bugs were fixed (for instance: better handling of empty Strings).
    • Removal of class StringCompare

iText 1.4.7 (November 11, 2006)

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • added support for AES encryption
    • added support for encryption with metadata in clear text
    • PdfBoolean: consistent toString()
    • PdfDictionary: testing the dictionary type no longer throws NullPointerExceptions
    • PdfDocument: fixed inconsisten null checking
    • AcroFields: added a method replacePushbuttonField() (rewrite of Bruno's setIcon method)
    • BaseField: static final variable values were modified. Don 't forget to recompile programs that depend on these values.
    • PdfGraphics2D: clip reset correction
    • GlyphList: standard glyph names take precedence over the more exotic ones
    • XfaForm: removed code duplication
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • By default a Chapter started on a new page; whereas a Section didn 't.
      Now you can change this default with setTriggerNewPage()
    • Fixed a problem with sigma in Greek lists.
    • PageSize: fixed some values that were wrong (reported by Feng Dihai)
    • PageSize: added some new values for page sizes (for instance for identity cards)
    • Paragraph: fixed the constructor new Paragraph(Phrase p); If you pass a Paragraph
      (extends Phrase), the properties of the original paragraph weren't copied.
    • AcroFields: method regenerateField, to be called after changing the
      properties of a field without changing its value.
    • Table: when using rowspan on a cell that reached the final row of the Table,
      an error was thrown. Bruno implemented a bug fix suggested by Calvin Lee.
    • Table/PdfDocument: removed some unused code. This could break some of the
      Table functionality, but all of my own tests worked just fine.
    • TagMap constructor: implemented a bugfix in the constructor (suggested by Ray Burks)
  • Changes made by Mark
    • Fixed a bug where setFont was being ignored on RtfField and its subclasses.
  • Code cleanup by Xavier
    • using Boolean.valueOf instead of Boolean constructor
    • use Collection.isEmpty() instead of comparing size() to 0
    • removed unused imports in PdfString and StandardDecryption
    • PostScript classes: System.exit() call removed, calls to System.out only in debug mode

iText 1.4.8 (December 19, 2006)

  • Changes made by Paulo
    • AcroFields: MAXLEN was not being applied to the display value.
    • Bugfix: AES encryption could fail with an incorrect length calculation.
    • Bugfix: the key NeedAppearances in AcroForm must be deleted when signing.
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Added AES support in class PdfEncryptor.
    • Added support for PDF packages in PdfStamper (code contribution by Leonard Rosenthol)
    • When using Graphics2D binary images will now be stored as G4 compressed images (instead of RGB); patch provided by Robert Engels.
    • Bugfix: on some occasions small invisible chunks with font Helvetica were inserted breaking PDF/X compliancy.
    • Bugfix: when switching fonts, a space character was sometimes inserted at the start of a new line.
    • Bugfix: I finally fixed the newPage() problem caused by class Table.
    • Bugfix: a blank page problem caused by class PdfPTable (when using setExtendLastRow(true)) was fixed.
    • Bugfix: the indentation of paragraphs was wrong when adding a PdfPTable to a Paragraph.
    • Bugfix: the indentation of chapters/sections was wrong when adding a PdfPTable to a Chapter/Section.
    • Bugfix: I solved a null problem in TreeViewPDF
    • Replacement of the image icons in TreeViewPDF and translation of some German words to English.
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