Data management made efficient

As both designers and end-users know, grabbing form data from HTML, XML and XFA, or flattening forms when converting to PDF is often an unpleasant job. But it doesn't have to be. iText Coil fits seamlessly within your administrative environment to do that for you, preventing valuable time losses on internal development and pre-empting frustrations on the end-user's part. And there's more: Coil also allows you to create smart PDF documents with tags and metadata, so that once your documents hit your archives, they remain searchable and easily traceable.

A proven solution

iText Coil is built on the iText 7 platform, one of the world's most widely used developer kits to integrate various PDF functionalities within workflows or applications.

Efficiency first

By automating vast swaths of your data collection and feeding process, you free up time to do value-added work.

Avoiding dark data

Because Coil can help you generate tagged documents, you avoid the nightmare of having a vast archive of "dark data" that is hard to leverage for future decisions.

A neat fit

Coil does not require you to change your trusted work environment or invest in third-party connectors: it can simply be integrated into what you're currently using.

At home anywhere

  • Government: automate form processing and database building

  • Healthcare: keep better track of patient records

  • Finance: reliable bank statements and traceability

  • Travel: feed bookings and forms into a manageable database

  • IT: workload reduction and process optimization

  • HR: neatly flatten and automatically produce time sheets

  • Marketing: pre-emptive data selection and better lead management

  • ... and many others

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