Flexibility that astounds

As most applications are installed and run from your internal servers, an internal installation license is the most common license type. Our internal installation license includes updates and support for your first year of usage and 20% of the license cost after that. Commercial licenses offer other significant benefits, including:

  • Release from the CopyLeft AGPL license requirements

  • Release from the requirement to not change the PDF Producer line in the document’s properties

  • Access to dedicated support from iText

  • Discounts available for quantity purchases

  • Optional access to the closed-source XFA Worker iText add-on

  • Additional non-production instances included

  • Indemnification in the event of IP (intellectual property) or patent infringement

Server license

In a centralized setting, a convenient server license for iText is the most advantageous choice, at a fee of $2,640 USD or €2040 per license, exclusive of all taxes, VAT and duties. Prices in € apply to the EMEA region only.

  • One license per server, virtual machine or node installation, independent of number of end-users

  • One-time fee, perpetual license

  • 50% discount for non-production servers (e.g. testing, development, Q&A, UAT, BA or DR)

  • First year support included

Usage example: An airline has a PDF form generation solution on their internal servers. Customers enter their information on the airline's web portal and iText uses that data, data from the airline's database and template rules to create a PDF on the fly for the customer.

Desktop license

Desktop licenses are the ideal choice for separate or more secure iText use. Packages of 10 licenses come at a price of $1,590 USD or €2040, exclusive of all taxes, VAT and duties. Prices in € apply to the EMEA region only.

  • One license per desktop, laptop or other end-user device installation

  • One-time fee, perpetual license

  • Sold in packs

Usage example: Your company has a CRM system that is locally installed on each of your staff's desktop. You have created an archivable PDF Invoice application to turn data entered into the CRM into a PDF Invoice.

Volume-based license

When there is no way to discern the number of servers you application will run on (e.g. when renting servers on a server farm depending on your bandwidth use), a volume-based license is an attractive option. Pricing in USD and € depends on your requirements.

  • One license per application

  • Depending on the number of processes during your busiest month

  • Renewed yearly

Usage example: Your company runs a web application on rented Azure servers. Since the number of servers that Azure allocates to you is dependent on how much traffic you have at any given time, you cannot give an exact server count.