If you want to purchase an iText license, or if you have a question about licensing iText software, please fill out our information request form or contact us at these addresses to receive a personalised quote:

For Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Africa For the North-America, South-America, Oceania
iText Software BVBA iText Software Corp.
email: sales.isb@itextpdf.com email: sales.isc@itextpdf.com
tel: +32 9 298 02 31 tel: +1 617 982 2646
fax: +32 9 270 33 75 fax: +1 617 982 2647
Office Address:
Business Center "De Punt"
Kerkstraat 108
9050 Gentbrugge (Ghent)
iText Headquarters:
Ad. Baeyensstraat 121
9040 Sint-Amandsberg
Office Address:
Cambridge Innovation Center
1 Broadway, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
Remittance Address:
P.O. Box 620335
Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462-0335

Open source use

Although iText is a free/open source software (F/OSS) project, giving you a lot of freedom and flexibility, this doesn't mean you're free to do anything you want. You have to respect the Affero General Public License (AGPL).

Release from AGPL requirements may be obtained by purchasing a commercial license from iText Software Corporation (in the US) or iText Software BVBA (in Europe).

Buying a commercial license is mandatory as soon as you begin commercial activities including distribution of iText software inside your product or deploying it on a network without disclosing the source code of your own applications under the AGPL license. These activities include but are not limited to offering paid services to customers as a SaaS, serving PDFs on the fly in the cloud or in a web application, or shipping iText with a closed source product.

For Java, C# and Android open source developers using iText in open-source projects that comply with the Affero GPL (AGPL) which requires:
• Distribution of all source code, including your own product and web-based applications
• Licensing your own products and web-based applications under the AGPL license
• Disclosure of modifications made to iText, if any
• Prominent mention of iText and inclusion of the iText copyright and the AGPL license in output file metadata
Note: AGPL usage includes no formal support; mailing list and user base support only.

For more information, please see the video: Choosing the iText Solution that is right for you: Community or Commercial editions.

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