Smart, low-risk PDF editing

Your company has recently upgraded its branding and logo to be more modern and attractive to customers. That means that all documentation needs to reflect this new branding as well – but their content hasn’t changed. So is there no other option than to trace all source files and reprint them as new PDFs with the new branding on there?

Mastering PDF editing with ease

Once a PDF is made, it’s done. It can’t be changed. Or so conventional wisdom goes. That’s actually far from the truth. Indeed, altering a PDF is not without peril for the uninitiated and poses risks to the integrity of your data, but luckily, iText can let you master this with relative ease. Thanks to iText’s libraries, it becomes possible to add data like page numbers, definitions, logos, watermarks and layers as well as redact and erase content, which can be a great asset in high-security settings. In addition, iText can add internal structure to your PDF documents so you can easily find what goes where by inspecting the document without irreparably damaging the file.

Stop relying on stopgaps

Where common workarounds simply apply stopgaps but leave the underlying data sitting in the file, iText can change or remove it wholesale. This means you will also be able to extract relevant data from your PDF files without having to resort to a quest to find your source material first – a feature iText can also apply to PDF/A files that have been optimized for archiving.

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