PDF compliant with all standards and regulations

A company decides to switch to PDF for its documentation needs. In keeping with its own policies and compliance practices required by law, these documents have to conform to data standards that make them easy to find, analyze and pick apart if the need arises. What should this company do?

Finding the right PDF tool

Creating a PDF is easy – there are dozens of tools available on the web or embedded in applications you use every day that can do that for you. However, creating neat PDF and scaling up this process is another matter altogether. That’s where iText comes in.

Our libraries allow users to create PDFs that can discern the types of content presented (e.g. text, images, XML or 3D) where off-the-shelf PDF creators don’t distinguish between content types. This distinction matters when users want to go back and edit PDFs or want them to be represented to certain users in certain ways. In addition, iText allows you to append useful metadata to your PDF documents that makes it easier to trace, archive and sort them.

Automation to create more time

High- as well as low-level editing options keep you in full control over what you want your PDFs to look like and how you want them to be built up, down to the last bit. iText’s libraries are fully unique in that they both allow large-scale and small-scale editing, whereas most competing solutions are either/or.

Furthermore, iText libraries have been designed to automate PDF creation. Once you’ve set your standards and have ensured they are fully compliant with company policies, governmental guidelines or best practices, the rote task of generating PDFs becomes a quick and effortless batch job, freeing up your time to get value-added work done.

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