iText 5

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October 7, 2016
As you have probably noticed by now, we have recently released iText 7 , a new major version of our flagship library, which is not backwards compatible to iText 5. This technical blog post will focus a bit more on the reasons why we chose to rewrite iText 7 from scratch and will also detail our roadmap for the near future. Reasons While we were always pretty happy with the capabilities of iText as they stood, there were a number of design choices that limited our wiggling room for further development. Over the years, a number...
I want to add a PNG image to a PDF file, but I've read that PNG files aren't supported in PDF. Does this mean that I can't use PNG files when using iText?
I am using page events to create a header that consists of a table. This table is added to each page in my document, but unfortunately, it overlaps with the rest of my content. How can I avoid this?