Capacity rental licenses are available for companies that deploy their applications on external, rented servers (e.g. Amazon Cloud, Azure, etc.) or in cases where server counts cannot be made. This license for iText adds to the peace of mind this brings by offering:

  • Pricing based on annual volume of PDFs processed

  • Support and updates

  • One license per application

  • Steep discounts available for high volumes

  • Indemnification and legal warranties

Volume-based license

Our volume-based licenses allow you to install iText 7 on a hosted server platform where your server count will fluctuate depending on the traffic. Contact us for pricing at the volume that is right for you. Additional volume-based licenses for iText 7 Add-Ons are available. Pricing is annual, includes support and excludes taxes, duties and VAT.

Usage case: Your company runs a web application on rented Azure servers. Since the number of servers that Azure allocates to you is dependent on how much traffic you have at any given time, you cannot give an exact server count.

Available technologies

Unit-based licenses are available for Java, .NET and Android platforms. If you are an independent software vendor distributing a server or client product, please check out our OEM offering.