20 years of PDF: The Acrobat museum

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Is it 20 years already? It's hard to believe that PDF 1.0 was released in 1993, but it's true. Everyone who's important in the world of PDF was invited to Portable Document Format's birthday party this year, either in Königswinter or in Seattle (and some of us went to both).

But did you know there was also an Adobe Acrobat museum?

You can find it in one of the buildings of Adobe's HQ in San Jose:

This is the place where you'll find the Camelot Paper by John Warnock:

Take a close look at the posters on the wall: these were the first news paper advertisements, announcing Adobe Acrobat.

Notice that the Budget Reduction Act of 1993 is mentioned. Just like the Budget Sequestration of 2013 made many companies start using iText as a less expensive solution for specific PDF solutions, companies started using Acrobat to solve document problems and save money by doing so.

We were in luck. Bob Wulff, SVP at Adobe, who has been working on the Acrobat project for more than 20 years, gave us a personal tour of the museum.

In the Acrobat museum, the history of Acrobat comes alive in the form of a display of Adobe products and merchandising: