Belgian Mission to SXSW

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A small country with big ideas, Belgium is the birthplace of the saxophone, the Mercator projection and the combustion engine, but key contributions to the digital space such as Drupal, the jpeg format, and even the World Wide Web have Belgian origins. And let's not forget iText: we have Belgian roots too. That's why iText is one of the sponsors of the Belgian mission to South by Southwest (SXSW) organized by and Morning Glory, co-sponsored by Jack, Look, Telenet Kickstart, Frontback, Cronos development, and The CoFoundry. Additional support is provided by Duographe Studio, Lotus Bakeries (Biscoff), and BelCham.

Café des Belges

The backdrop of the Belgian Booth

The Belgian booth at the SXSW tradeshow, called Café des Belges, will showcase 10 Belgian companies from Sunday, March 12th until Wednesday, March 15th and highlight their products and services—all with demonstrable intellectual, creative or entrepreneurial excellence. The tradeshow boasts participants like NASA, ABInBev, and Wolfram Research, mixed with exhibitors from all over the world representing entities like Business France, the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy and the Trade Commission of Spain.

Café des Belges: the Belgian booth at SXSW

Networking events

To maximize visibility during SXSW, and iText are hosting a networking event in the newly opened Belgian bar, Mort Subite, in downtown Austin, followed by a larger–and official SXSW–party, Fête des Belges, at the downtown club ScratcHouse on Sunday, March 12th starting at 8 p.m. The evening event will feature famous Belgian beer and Lotus (Biscoff) cookies. You can request a place at our Mort Subite Happy Hour here (RSVP is mandatory). We also have a big Fête des Belges party that is open for every SXSW attendee.

Networking events during SXSW

If you want to meet iText at SXSW, or if you want to participate in one of our networking events, let us know!