'Couple in a Hole', an iText-sponsored feature film, a hit!

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What do you do if you're making a tidy sum off of creating one of the world's most widely used programmable PDF libraries? Why, invest it in cinema, of course! iText was one of the backers of the movie 'Couple in a Hole', an independent feature film helmed by director Tom Geens, debuting at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival. The movie has since received critical acclaim, with The Guardian praising it as having "fantastically assured sense of storytelling" and comparing it to the existential psychological horror of Lars von Trier's controversial picture 'Antichrist'. It has also been doing well at the 2016 Glasgow Film Festival, with one critic calling it "a continual exercise in the invitation and subversion of expectations". 'Couple in a Hole' features British actors Paul Higgins and Kate Dickie as its leads. Television fans may recognize Dickie from her role as Lysa Tully, the tormented regent of the Eyrie from 'Game of Thrones'. If you don't have any plans yet for the weekend and you enjoy indie flicks, feel free to give this film a chance.