Don't miss our talk about Blockchain at Oracle Code LA

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Join us Tuesday 27th February at 4:05 PM, at Oracle Code LA to hear Joris Schellekens' talk "Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology for Documents".

What can you expect?

In this talk, Joris will explain Blockchain, which is a type of Distributed Ledger Technology, where records are organized in blocks and appended to a single chain using cryptography and distributed consensus. Each block contains a time stamp and a link to the previous block, ensuring that data in a block can't be altered retroactively. This makes blockchain a good choice for the recording of events, provenance tracking, and document life-cycle management. Signing a PDF in the blockchain instead of storing a signature in a PDF reduces the complexity of the code for a developer who needs digital signing and verification functionality. The same principle can be used in many other use cases to implement a document workflow, to keep track of the location of a document, and much more.

Attend the talk and share your feedback with us afterwards.

Want to know more about how you can integrate the blockchain technology in iText? Check our blockchain page.