First Quarterly iText <3s Developers Blog

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“Be nice to nerds. Someday you may end up working for one”- Bill Gates

In case that does happen to us, we are beginning our quarterly Dev Thank-You blog! There are so many people that contribute information to us in order to help improve our code, products and projects. We want to make sure that our top contributors are being recognized for the help they give and that they know how much we appreciate them (not just because they might someday be our bosses).

We have a few top contributors from different channels for Q1 2017.

StackOverflow top contributors by username (excluding iText employees):

First Place: mkl with 26 answers
Second Place: kuujinbo with 6 answers
Third Place: COeDev with 5 answers

For GitHub we have a number of power users to thank this quarter:

rjcohn from Adobe is our power user for Q1 with a whopping 11 pull requests for iText 7!

We also want to thank:

oblaise - for an iText 7 bugfix for .NET, which resulted in hotfix release
trumpetinc – for fixing a memory leak for iText 5
lbonco - for fixing flattening regression for iText 5
korli - who added support for TIFFs without compression tag, iText 5
Woodgnome- who offered a bugfix for iTextSharp
LingMan - who offered a bugfix for iText 7
simonmater - who offered a performance improvement for XFA in iText 7

Want to be a top contributor next quarter? Winners are decided based on the number of questions they answer or by the impact their contribution has. Keep up the great work, and we will announce our next top contributors in July!