International Business Award Silver Win 2018

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Awards iText IBA 2018

We've done it again! iText is proud to be honored with a third Silver Stevie in the International Business Awards. The International Business Awards known as "Stevie's" include a number of different awards. This year we were one of more than 3,900 nominees from 74 countries in organizations large and small across various industries vying for a top billing in one of the categories such as Company of the Year, Best New Product of the Year, Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year and more.

This year we were recognized for the "Most Innovative Company of the Year- under 100 employees". In 2017 we were recognized in the category "Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year- under 100 employees", and in 2016 we were recognized for "Most Innovative Company of the year, Europe".

As part of the Stevie's family, we have also been recognized with four bronze Stevie awards in the American Business Awards from 2015-2018. We are happy to have our continued success recognized by the International Business Awards. Some of the innovations that we have been focusing on include:

  • our dual licensing structure,
  • a complete re-write of our core platform with iText 7,
  • separating functions that customers need into add-ons for commercial license, and expanding the iText offerings with them,
  • offering the most documentation for a PDF library, and continuing to bring more content to our users,
  • continually working on new products and technologies to expand PDF capability- including the iText Developers Platform, where you can create an iText 7 add-on,
  • always innovating and researching new technologies, such as our open source blockchain for documents project,
  • and much more.

We are looking forward to listing all of our additional innovative updates for next year.

To view the complete list of winners, check out the Stevie Award website, and if you see any of these companies, give them a high five!