iText 7.0.1: PDF Software Libraries Available in .NET and Java

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For many years, our iText PDF software libraries have been available both in Java and .NET and iText 7 is no exception. As such, we are proud to fully roll out iText 7 and three of its add-ons° for .NET, with our Java version already out and enriched with loads of documentation. You can browse through more than 300 items of Q&A items and code examples to help you on your way with iText 7.

We will work hard in the coming months to also assist .NET developers with examples, how-tos and other materials, but as a taste of things to come, you can already use the .NET version of our iText 7 Jump-Start Tutorial!

In addition, this release marks the first functional product update: iText 7.0.1. It's a maintenance release that fixes a number of minor bugs, re-syncs the Java and .NET versions and better supports C#. You can download it here as a free trial or request a free upgrade if you're already an iText 7 or an iText 5 user.

° pdfDebug is currently only available as a plugin for Eclipse.