iText has a new CEO

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We are proud to announce that iText has a new CEO. Mr. Engelen has been chosen as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. “His 25 years of experience in leadership positions at various technology companies will allow him to be a valuable asset as he takes the reins at iText,” said iText founder Bruno Lowagie. “Additionally, his first-hand experience with technology transfer will be a strong benefit.”

Before iText, Mr. Engelen served in executive positions at Philips Electronics and Cisco Systems, where he was responsible for national, international and global operations. He also co-founded two companies; a cloud billing system and a technology consulting company. His consulting company focused on operational and strategy improvements for companies of all sizes in the venture capital and private investment communities.

Mr. Engelen provided strategy, management and operational support to help more than 30 companies within the ecosystem of the University of Leuven and the University of Luxembourg. He still supports new ventures and technology transfers as an expert at Luxembourg’s National Research Centre.

“iText has experienced astonishing growth over the last decade by prioritizing developers’ needs with its PDF library product and providing strong back-end support combined with an interesting open source business model,” said Mr. Engelen. “I see lots of opportunities where iText is well positioned to be an essential part of digital transformation in enterprises of any industry. I’m excited to join the company at a time when it is well poised to continue its growth trajectory.”