NEW RELEASE: iText 14: Twice as fast as iText 7!

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iText Software is pleased to announce the release of iText 14, our latest product that is twice as fast as iText 7!

The talented developers at iText have been tirelessly coding to create our best product yet. iText 14 includes a new, faster code base called Boomswitch and a new group of add-ons, that are sure to meet your wildest dreams. The Boomswitch functionality is the core of what makes iText 14 twice as fast as iText 7, by making the code run faster by any factor requested by the client. iText developer Benoit Lagae tell us, “Boomswitch allows us to quickly adapt to customer requests for faster processing, if the client wants 10x more speed, just turn on the Boomswitch”. Beyond the faster Boomswitch code base, the list of add-on functionalities are on fleek.

Product Name Description
pdfYolo replace common corporate words in you PDF with their youth slang equivilent. Such as CEO to Bae, Competitor to frenemy and touch base to Netflix and Chill
pdfWinter all prints are watermarked with the phrase "You Know Nothing"
pdfGiphy Replaces all images in your PDF with random gifs
pdfTolkien Support for Quenya and Sindarin scripts * used with pdfCalligraph
pdfFish support for the new Camelot-2 format, it will be PDF - but not as you know it!
pdfFake based on pdfSweep, it changes all the facts in your PDF to alternative facts
pdfSudo provides sudo variants of every iText method. Guaranteed to produce some output * not guaranteed to do anything


Although our team is tirelessly working to bring new, great functionalities to PDF, sadly, not all of our above ideas are currently in the pipeline. Enjoy your April fools day and try not to get tricked!