Our superfig mascots have names!

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As you may or may not know, at events and exhibitions, iText is often accompanied by an army of Lego minifigs that carry our logo. Recently, we've also adopted three so-called "superfigs", oversized Lego figures, to serve as mascots in our three home bases (Ghent, Boston and Singapore). We let the public select their names from a shortlist, and voting ended on September 15. With all votes collected (thanks, voters!), their names are now known:

  • Boston Boy (orange cap) is now named Ringo! Look around for him at US events or when you pay a visit to the Boston office! The jury is still out on whether Ringo is actually as good a drummer as his name implies.

  • Ghent Girl will be known as Leia. Who knows what Forces she might awaken across Europe and the Middle East.

  • Singapore Boy (blue cap) has been named Leeroy. Our Singapore office hopes he'll play nice and not rush into action all too quickly, but then again, we can't hold his enthusiasm for iText against him, can we?