Release notes for iText 7.1.4

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iText 7.1.4 is the fourth maintenance release for iText 7.1 Core/Community. We're also updating the add-ons pdfHTML to 2.1.1, pdfCalligraph to 2.0.2, and our License Key Library and Volume License Key Library to 3.0.4.

In addition, we're also releasing a new maintenance version for our free PDF syntax viewer RUPS; it's the prerequisite for our plugins for IDEs pdfDebug, which are also being released.

iText Core/Community 7.1.4 for Java - for .NET

  • New features:

    • SVG without width or height,

    • SvgConverter createPdf methods with File parameter,

    • SVG path operators: H, V, h, v, and

    • a pull request for digital signatures.

  • Bug fixes:

    • PdfDocument handling issues:

      • append mode for partially compressed files, and

      • fix for Pages entry in Catalog.

    • Optional content requirements in PDF/A.

    • Copying AcroForm fields with a dot in their name.

    • Post-care issues for the integration of SVG & styled-xml-parser in the core.

    • Various SVG path parsing improvements.

    • A font caching and a font retrieval bug.

pdfHTML 2.1.1 for Java - for .NET

  • Bug fixes:

    • font selector improvement,

    • free resources immediately after usage (memory efficiency bug),

    • text alignment in tables, and

    • handling of <br> in list items.

pdfCalligraph 2.0.2 for Java - for .NET

  • Fix perpetual loop for font Shruti.

  • pdfCalligraph now ships with Google Noto fonts for reasonable default fonts in client applications.

License Key Library 3.0.4 for Java - for .NET
License Key Volume Library 3.0.4 for Java - for .NET

  • Clearer warnings on volume license.

  • New event types can be sent to license counting service.

RUPS 7.1.4

  • Fix lingering concurrency problem for Mac.

pdfDebug - all implementations on 2.0.1 Eclipse - Netbeans - Jetbrains

  • Release containing upstream bugfixes of RUPS.

  • NetBeans: fix for NetBeans 9 + nb-javac compiler.