iText 2.1.1

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  • Changes made by Paulo
    • Fixed internal links bug. This bug was already fixed in PdfCopy but the changes were not applied to similar code in PdfSmartCopy.
    • RtfInfoElement: special characters were not being escaped.
    • Add the ability to replace pages in PdfStamper. Only the content is replaced, the annotations and fields from the original page remain the same.
    • The flag PRINT was being added in second signatures and would break certified documents.
    • Code cleanup in BarcodePDF417
    • PdfPatternPainter, SimpleXMLParser: final classes don't need protected members.
  • Changes made by Howard
    • Corrected a problem where charset may be equal to blank when trying to parse an int value.
    • RTF Password algorithm from ECMA-376 Specification.
    • Added support for document protection per ECMA-376 Specification. Does not fully implement all security features, but does allow for setting the document to read only and applying a password.
  • Changes made by Mark
    • RtfBorderGroup: efficiency update, iterating on the entrySet instead of the keySet.
    • Updated the RtfChunk to use \chcbpat instead of \highlight for the character background colour. Suggestion posted on the SF iText bugs tracker #1874891.
    • The border width in the RtfBorder is now constrained to 75 Twips and not 2 points as it used to be.
    • Added support for List.setFirst to the RtfList output.
    • Fixed a bug in how the list indentation was being calculated.
    • Fixed the RtfList so that if it is in a table, then the correct RTF is written to get a list with all items numbered and now extra line.
    • Added support for Table.setOffset in RtfTable
    • The switch between binary and hex encoded data in the RtfImage was hardcoded. It is now externally visible through RtfDocumentSettings.
    • Code cleanup (RTF)
  • Changes made by Xavier
    • Added missing @since on many occasions
    • Code cleanup based on the results of some auditing tools (pmd, findbugs,...). Very thorough; see the SVN logs for more info.
    • Enable SVN keyword substitution
    • ConcatPdf, EncryptPDF, HandoutPdf, SplitPdf: classes renamed to follow Java naming conventions
    • Xavier solved some Maven related problems.
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Replaced NOWRAP definition in HtmlWriter (bug tracker report #1897118)
    • Added the possibility to add something before or after the list symbol in numbered lists. For instance:
      List list = new List(List.ORDERED);
      list.setPreSymbol("Chapter ");
      list.setPostSymbol(": ");
      list.add("item 1");
      list.add("item 2");
      list.add("item 3");
      will result in lists like:
      Chapter 1: item 1
      Chapter 2: item 2
      Chapter 3: item 3
    • Removed duplicate code from PdfPCell (constructor with an Image as parameter)
    • Changed the way XMP metadata is dealt with in PdfStamperImp
    • Allow a developer to set the data of a PRStream deciding if the stream has to be compressed or not (can be important for instance for changing an XMP stream)
    • Added the toolbox project back into the iText project (for future use)
    • Fixed an endless loop problem in MultiColumnText
    • PdfPTable implements LargeElement, but the copy constructor didn't copy the 'complete' variable; footers did show up on undesired places when using setComplete(false); there were also problems with table events.
    • Added method getNumberOfColumns to PdfPTable (see question on Manning forum).
    • Added measurement conversion methods to the Utilities class.
    • Added a createFont() method to BaseFont (convenient for examples; always the standard Type 1 font Helvetica, but the method still throws Exceptions to make sure people catch the exceptions once they use other fonts).
    • Added a newPage() method in Section. That way the Chunk.NEXTPAGE solution looks less like a workaround and it's easier to explain the difference between document.newPage() and section.newPage().
    • When you change the dimensions of an Image, the width percentage is now set to 0. If you define a size, you don't want ColumnText to automatically scale the Image.
    • When using PdfStamper, the MODDATE (Modification Date) is now changed. Before, it looked like the file was never modified.
    • Added the methods PdfPCell.getCompositeElements() and PdfPRow.getCells() as asked in tracker report #1893902)
    • Cleaning up the javadoc annotations based on warnings while executing javadoc.