iText 2.1.7

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  • Changes made by Paulo Soares
    • PdfPKCS7: More robust timestamp extraction.
    • PdfPKCS7: Ripemd didn't work, some kind of signed attributes couldn't be verified correctly.
    • PdfStamperImp: Avoid accessing directly member variables from other classes.
    • PdfSmartCopy: Check deeper for comparison.
    • Rotation in PdfPCell: take mod before making positive.
  • Changes made by Kevin Day
    • Fix NPE when parsing Type 0 fonts without a ToUnicode map (I've seen some winding font entries stored as Type 0 instead of TT in some pdf files)
    • Adjusted unicode to cid mapping so it takes the first one found from DocumentFont. This is just a band-aid, as it doesn't address cases where multiple cids may map to single unicode value.
    • Fix byte to int sign conversion
    • Enhance text parsing to handle fonts with encoding but no ToUnicode map. Ref Bug #2792227
  • Changes made by Bruno Lowagie
    • PdfPRow: Cheating a little bit more to deal with a floating point problem (until we can solve this in a more structural way)
    • PdfPTable/PdfPRow/PdfPCell: Fix a bug for the new rowspan funtionality
    • PdfStamperImp: Solved NPE problems with producer string
    • Image in Chunk: Taking into account the top border width of the Image in case the leading has to be changed to accommodate for the image height.
    • RtfList: The public void writeContent(final OutputStream result) method needs to output RtfParagraph.PARAGRAPH_DEFAULTS after every list. Patch posted anonymously to SF (#2809140).
    • RtfFont: When adding a paragraph, table cell or other Phrase without specifing the font, by default the "unknown" font is created in the font table. Like: {\f3\froman\fcharset0 unknown;} Word 2000 doesn't recognise the unknown font and waits indefinately. Patch provided by M. Smith on the SF Bugtracker (#2807621)