iText 5.3.1 — XML Worker 1.1.5

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iText 5.3.1

  • Changes made by Eugene Markovskyi
    • Improved the calculation of the leading in ColumnText
    • Fixed pagination for PdfDiv class
  • Changes made by Alexander Chingarev
    • Changed some access modifiers from private to protected.
    • Splitted the PDF/A functionality so that it can be put in a different jar.
  • Changes made by Raf Hens
    • Fixed a bug in PdfDocument: don't trim leading space when splitting on newline.
    • Class BmpImage: Support for 52 and 56 byte BMP headers
    • Class ICC_Profile: Ignore invalid ICC profile (wrong number of color components) especially in Jpegs.
  • Changes made by Bruno
    • Removed some unnecessary imports.
    • Bugfix: XmpWriter shouldn't assume that all info dictionary keys have a String value.
    • The new PdfDiv element should also be allowed in Phrase and ColumnText.
    • Separated the release info from Document into a separate class named Version.
    • Fixed bugs reported by Michael Pradel:
      • Bug report #3548434: if nothing is added to a Section, addAll() should return false.
      • Bug report #3547811: fixed ClassCastException, and at the same time replaced if-construction by a switch in Phrase.add(index, element);
      • Bug report #3547812: Anchor assumes that it consists of Chunk objects only. This is not necessarily true.
    • Introduction of a LINEHEIGHT attribute in class Chunk.
    • Updated the link to the article about ExceptionConverter by Heinz Kabutz
    • PdfSignatureAppearance: Fixed a problem with disappearing image if the height of the signature < 19 pt.

XML Worker 1.1.5

  • Changes made by Eugene Markovskyi
    • Fixed pagination when using a <div>
    • Better support for leading / line-height (for instance: now also introduced for <span>)
    • Bugfix: CSS border properties should not be inherited
    • Renamed the fontsize package to text_layout