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2015-09-18 Pavel Alay Embed the full font in case of subset issues
Fix issue with Noto font. Also PdfATtfUnicodeWriter was updated. DEV-1488
2015-09-21 Michael Demey Remove dependency on
Remove an unnecessary dependency on and replace it by DEV-1564
2015-09-29 Pavel Mitrofanov Fixed the code generating unique name for tmp file used for signing
Resolves: DEV-1571
2015-10-01 Alexey Subach Update current page content height on table add even in case of immediate start of new page (used for PdfPageEvent in case PdfWriter#getVerticalPosition is called)
2015-10-01 Dmitry Trusevich Signing ZUGFeRD document throws null pointer
2015-10-01 Ryan Hamer (SUP-1077) Added a transformation to account for a change in scale in the annotation.
2015-10-02 Yulian Gaponenko Separated page finalizing and page initializing logic
2015-10-02 Yulian Gaponenko Fix partial reading from bytes array
2015-10-04 Paulo Soares The range of chars in ToUnicode decoding was being incremented from start to end using just the last 8 bits due to a misunderstanding of the specification.
2015-10-05 Alexey Subach Fix adding tagged elements on startPage and endPage page events
Elements were not added to the root document entry, but as siblings instead. Now the order in which page events are called in consistent with tagged elements flushing DEV-1573
2015-10-05 Ryan Hamer Removed unneeded call from PDFStamperImp
2015-10-07 Dmitry Trusevich add get method to get the PdfReader from a PdfStamperImp instance
2015-10-07 Dmitry Trusevich Signing ZUGFeRD document throws null pointer
2015-10-09 Dmitry Trusevich Annotation flattening with skew and rotation
2015-10-13 Pavel Alay Fixed issue with Noto font
Resolves: DEV-1488
2015-10-14 Michael Demey Set version in append mode.
iText didn't set the version in append mode. By definition this shouldn't be necessary, but PdfSignatureAppearance uses PdfVersion.getVersion() to create its dictionaries. In the case of PDF/A2-a it would incorrectly use 1.4 as a version and not the provided (or original version) and as such iText generated PDFs that weren't compliant to PDF/A2-a. SUP-1117
2015-10-14 Alexey Subach BarcodeDatamatrix: add placeBarcode method for writing barcode directly to content stream
2015-10-20 Pavel Mitrofanov Fixed PdfSignatureAppearance.preClose method
Returned the use of .getWidget method instead of .getMerged since the case, when signature field dictionary and dictionary its widget annotation are not merged, is rather uncommon if can be encountered at all. Moreover the use of merged dictionary instead of widget requires more efforts since .getMerged method returns not actually the dictionary obtained by merging signature field dict and widget annotation dict, but also AcroForm dict. Resolves: DEV-1579
2015-10-22 Dmitry Trusevich PdfSmartCopy: ignore recursive call
2015-10-26 Yulian Gaponenko Add support for numeric font-weight
2015-10-26 Pavel Alay improve OCSP verifier: now we check OCSP response strongly by RFC 6960
Resolved: DEV-1587
2015-10-26 Nick Palmer change PdfPageLabels.getPageLabels() to scope prefixes to the range they are defined for
While reading a PDF generated by Adobe InDesign CS6 using the Adobe PDF Library 10.0.1 which included several page label sections I noticed iText was keeping the prefix applied to subsequent sections in the values return by PdfPageLabels.getPageLabels(), even when the key was omitted in the following page label dictionary entries. According to the PDF Reference 1.7, Table 8.10 says that /P is an optional label prefix for page labels in this range. PDF Readers I have installed scope the prefix only to the range it is specified. This change empties out the prefix field to give behaviour I think aligns with the reference and my experience of other PDF readers. I am not aware of any potential regression issues introduced by this change, existing page label dictionaries created by iText set /P to an empty string so this will only affect reading PDFs with partially prefixed page label ranges as far as I know.
2015-10-26 Dmitry Trusevich Fonts: Create fallback for absent OS/2 table
2015-10-26 Nick Palmer convert tabs to spaces in getPageLabels method to match rest of file
The rest of the codebase seemed to be using 4 spaces to indent while this method had been written a while ago and contained a mix of tab characters and spaces.
2015-10-27 Alexey Subach Revert automatic field renaming in case of field name collisions in PdfSmartCopy (commits 30f947b2035d4d4deb7ac1139fbb7f716ff5f7cf, 15ebe33e323718fe3f583ade0953e7d2f85b3909)
One should be able to merge two fields with same names so that the field value is shared across all the widgets of that new field. DEV-1578 SUP-1026
2015-10-29 Yulian Gaponenko Add XMLWorker#closeLocalWC
2015-11-04 Dmitry Trusevich add constructor with new signature for XMLWorkerHelper
2015-11-05 Alexey Subach Improve CompareTool: enable more lenient comparison of content streams and numbers using specified epsilon value
2015-11-10 Bruno Lowagie Improving the Counter functionality
2015-11-16 Yulian Gaponenko Call is not excessive: putAll method allocates memory for new entries at once, while mergeDifferent method can lead to multiple resizing.
2015-11-16 Yulian Gaponenko Performance improvements
2015-11-20 Alexey Subach Fix adding of tagged content with onStartPage event
Such content used to be outside of Document Tag DEV-1607
2015-11-24 Pavel Morozov The bug with lettered list was fixed
2015-11-25 Pavel Alay Add CIDSet for PDF/A-2 and PDF/3 documents.
Due to specification we have to add CIDSet only for PDF/A-1, but the PDFBox preflight validator reports an issue, if we don't add CIDSet for PDF/A-3. Resolved: DEV-1615
2015-11-26 Yulian Gaponenko Make border-width and border-style independent of order
2015-11-26 Pavel Morozov a little fix for PdfPTable.setWidthPercentage method.
2015-11-26 Pavel Alay Revert previous commit with CIDSet. Add CID0 to CIDSet
revert rev.[9ae2eb9]
2015-11-27 Amedee Van Gasse Move Git configs and MarkDown files to root of repository

iText RUPS

2015-10-12 Michael Demey Add Object Inspection Action.
Right clicking a stream in the tree view allows for an inspection action which opens a new window containing the stream. This allows the user to keep a stream open while looking at other information, e.g. its resources
2015-11-27 Philipp Hagemeister Add basic information about Maven in
Most importantly, mention the goal (install), as does the main itext

XFA Worker

2015-09-18 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: implement insertInstance JS function
2015-09-21 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: simulate Acrobat behavior - use bottom margin area in case text does not fit
2015-10-14 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: support DataMatrix barcodes. Initial implementation of data descriptions prototyping model for Data DOM.
2015-10-14 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: postpone JavaScript variables evaluation - Form DOM objects might be used there
2015-10-15 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: generate fictive missing entries in Data DOM in case of forced binding (e.g. min occur)
2015-10-16 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: ExclGroups must have empty rawValues when the bound value does not correspond to any of the child check button on values
2015-10-16 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: performance optimization - do not generate fictive nodes in Data DOM for draw elements. Fix subformSet choice relationship child subform occurrance
2015-10-19 Alexey Subach XFA Worker: Fix resolving of $data.* binding references and nested wildcard references starting with $data
2015-10-20 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: ignore startNew breakBefore conditions in case the target pageArea or pageSet is not found in the template
2015-10-26 Yulian Gaponenko Add support for numeric font-weight
2015-10-29 Yulian Gaponenko Add removing of XFAWorker context after flattening
2015-10-30 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: avoid executing initialize script for the second time when resolving embedded elements
2015-10-31 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: fix empty QRCode exception.
2015-11-03 Alexey Subach XFA Worker: fix applying of break conditions
2015-11-11 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: more accurate page area retrieval. Respecting oddOrEven property and pagePosition=first
2015-11-13 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: Avoid double repeating of parent subform during binding
2015-11-17 Alexey Subach Reset root form positioner layout in case of incorrectly specified value
2015-11-19 Alexey Subach Fix NullPointerException in case of retrieval of properties of table leader element
2015-11-26 Alexey Subach XFAWorker: Fix synchronization issue