Administrative Overview

Prequisite knowledge

What is the Administrative Menu?

As a site administrator or content editor, you will need to be able to locate various editing forms and administrative pages on the site. You can do this using the administrative menu.

The toolbar provided by the Content Management System displays the administrative menu at the top of the site, for users with permission to see it. This menu provides access to all of the administrative areas of the site. The menu entries will vary depending on which modules are active on your site and the permissions of the person viewing the menu.

On the iText website, the top-level entries are as follows:

  • Content: Lists and manages existing content, and allows creation of new content.

  • Structure: Contains a lists of links for managing structural elements of the site, such as blocks, content types, menus, and taxonomy.

  • Appearance: Manages themes and appearance-related settings.

  • People: Manages user accounts and permissions.

  • Modules: Manages the installation and uninstallation of modules.

  • Affiliated content: Lists content for all affiliates, and the customer and developers areas of the site.

  • Configuration: Collects all configurable settings.

  • GeoIP: Manages the configuration of GeoIP, which was installed as a complimentary of the EU cookie policy module. This way the cookie popup is only visible in the EU countries.

  • Reports: Contains links to logs, update information, search information, and other information about the site’s status.