Editorial Workflow

What is an Editorial Workflow?

An Editorial Workflow is the process organizations follow to create, review, edit and publish content.

Depending on the size and processes of the organization, multiple people in different roles can be part of the process. For example, content creators collect information and write content, editors review, edit, ask for changes, and publish the content once it’s considered ready to be shared with the audience.

Basic Editorial Workflow

On the iText website, content types can have either a Published or an Unpublished flag to track their workflow states, that you can set for each content item when saving:

  • Published content items are visible to all visitors of the site.

  • Unpublished content items are not visible to the visitors of the site, but can be seen by authenticated users who have the permissions to view unpublished versions of specific content items.

You can track differences between multiple versions of your content, and revert to older versions using Revisions.

Using the Unpublished flag and Revisions, content creators and editors can work on the live site without displaying the content to visitors. When the content is ready to be published, all you need to do is save it as Published.

Moderation and Approval

A workflow approval process is implemented on the website, so that content created by other authors isn't published directly to the site without going through a controlled approval process. The feature has been implemented with the Workbench and Workbench Moderation modules, that allow a complete content authoring workflow for users with different moderation roles.

The roles have been restricted to the following content types:

  • Content builder/moderator

    • Landing page

  • Tutorial builder/moderator

    • Book page

    • Example

    • FAQ item

    • Tutorial

  • Reporter/Blog moderator

    • Blog Post

    • Featured Item

The following content creation/moderation permissions are restricted to the role/content type assignments above:

  • Builders (authors) have access to:

    • create content (in Draft state)

    • change content state from Draft to Needs Review (all moderators assigned to that content type will receive an email notification)

    • change content state from Needs Review to Draft (author will receive an email)

  • Moderators have access to:

    • change content state from Needs Review to Draft (author will receive an email)

    • change content state from Needs Review to Published

Here you can verify whether a certain role has access to perform a moderation task on a specific content type: /admin/config/workbench/moderation/check-permissions

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