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iText offers benefits in virtually any business and IT environment. Why? Because through its flexible, programmable PDF engine, it can optimize invoicing, ensure long-term archiving reliability and take care of compliance issues. In addition, iText comes with professional support and nurtures a strong and lively online community.

About iText products

Generate and edit high volumes of PDFs programmatically

With iText, you can assemble, expand, extract, split and interact with any PDF file. It is compliant with most ISO PDF standards as well as standards for digital signatures (PAdES) and secure invoicing (ZUGFeRD).

Free up time

iText allows you to spend your time more productively by automating routine documentation, invoicing and archiving tasks.

Improve control

You gain full control and mastery over your process due to iText’s open source API, which lets you build your own custom scenarios down to the last comma.

Increase information quality

Your documents can be read by any machine, at any time, no matter the original input formats, and will stay legible for a very long time.

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Key features at a glance

Superior PDF creation and conversion

Create and convert documents from XML, HTML, web forms, CSS or databases to PDF and make them compliant with worldwide standards.

Digital forms and signatures

Fill out and flatten interactive forms (AcroForm and XFA), add interactivity and allow digital signatures and invoices to optimize your workflow and reduce your paper stack.

Rich PDF interactivity

Split or merge documents, copy, import or tile pages or enrich structure and redact content such as barcodes, watermarks and stamps.

Future-proof archiving and accessibility

Turn your archives into neatly organized and compliant data that can even be read by users with visual impairments.

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Understand how XFA Worker flattens your dynamic PDFs to allow for the addition of watermarks, digital signatures or other iText Core functionalities.

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