PDF Optimizer

No downloads or installation required!

Reduce the file size of a PDF using our free online app or learn how PDF optimization works with our embedded iText 7 Sandbox (including the pdfOptimizer add-on).

Use the free online PDF Optimizer app

Click the box below to upload a PDF, or drag and drop a PDF into the box.

You will then be asked to select an optimization profile to use. Each optimization profile uses different types of compression to optimize a PDF, including image quality, scaling, stream compression, font duplication, and font subsetting. The available profiles range from Low to High compression, with a Lossless compression profile which preserves image quality while applying all other optimizations.

The pdfOptimizer add-on also allows Custom profiles enabling you to fine-tune the types of compression used for optimization. However, custom profiles are not available in this online app.

Click Optimize PDF and then download the resulting PDF.

Or play in the iText 7 Sandbox

In this Sandbox you can see how the pdfOptimizer add-on works in iText 7, and experiment with changing the code yourself.

Click Upload File and make sure the file name of the PDF you upload matches the name you specify in private static final String ORIG.

Then click Execute to run your code. To remove an uploaded file, click the x displayed next to the file name.

You can click the switch at the top of the Sandbox to change between the embedded Java and C# compiler.

Get started with the full experience

If you want to create your own C# or Java integration with your own customized optimization profiles, you can get started with the free trial of pdfOptimizer as part of the iText 7 Suite. If you want to learn more about pdfOptimizer you can watch our free webinar on intelligent optimization. 

Get started with the free trial Watch the free webinar

iText does not analyze the content of your uploaded or processed files. Users bear sole responsibility for the usage and content of their own files. All uploaded and processed files are deleted from our servers after users leave the page, or automatically after a period of 3 hours.


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