iText Group and IDRsolutions announce strategic partnership

January 28 2020. Ghent, Belgium. iText, leading provider of open source PDF technology for Java and .NET (C#), and IDRsolutions, technology provider for PDF SDKs for Java, announce that they have entered into a strategic technology partnership. The collaboration will result in innovative product offerings and continued leadership in the PDF SDK space.


January 28 2020. Ghent, Belgium. iText, leading provider of open source PDF technology for Java and .NET (C#), and IDRsolutions, technology provider for PDF SDKs for Java, announce that they have entered into a strategic technology partnership. The collaboration will result in innovative product offerings and continued leadership in the PDF SDK space.   

Belgium-headquartered iText Software is in full swing to bolster its ambitious growth plans. iText has geared up its research and development efforts to bring to market new solutions, with strategic technology partnerships playing a pivotal role.  

“The development of new technologies, the heightened focus on big data and the many digital transformation initiatives have brought PDF technology to an enterprise-level consideration. It is our mission to remain at the forefront of all these fascinating evolutions.” Yeonsu Kim, CEO at iText Group, explains. “True to our roots, we will always strive to serve developers and our clients with the latest innovative technology to meet their needs. Collaboration with leading players is an excellent way of enhancing our value for our users.” 

The role of PDF is growing in the document management industry. The popular format is transforming into a data container, which makes PDF increasingly more deployed for data analysis, data security, and data manipulation purposes, and even in robotic process automation.  

“We focus on utilizing robust technologies to deliver reliable and feature-rich PDF generation and management technology to our users and our clients. When we select new partners, we want to ensure that they share our vision, and that the result of the collaboration will entail enhanced value for our users.” Tony Van Den Zegel, VP of Growth Strategy at iText Group, adds: “IDRsolutions has echoed the same business objectives as we have for years, and we are excited to work with them to offer our clients additional functionality to support their digital document work flows as well as their data management capabilities.” 

“iText and IDRsolutions share a great heritage in providing compelling PDF technology to the market,” says Mark Stephens, founder and CEO, at IDRsolutions. “We have always shared a common culture and passion for creating cutting edge PDF solutions and our products have always been very complimentary. With the integration of our products into iText technology, developers will have access to a single and much more powerful PDF library to integrate in their workflows and applications. We’re very proud that iText has chosen us to partner with, and we very much look forward to the cooperation.” 

One of the first results of the joint effort between the two leading PDF providers will be the integration of IDRsolutions’s high standard of PDF to image rendering as well as optimization capabilities within iText 7, the leading open source PDF library for Java and .NET (C#). 

iText’s PDF libraries are used by millions of developers around the world to create digital documents for a variety of purposes: invoices, credit card statements, mobile boarding passes, legal archiving and more. Recently the company launched its newest solution, iText DITO, a powerful template engine which allows developers, marketers and others to design and create PDFs without writing a single line of code.  

About iText  

iText is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe. The company’s flagship product is an open source software library to create and manipulate PDF documents in Java and .NET (C#). There are currently millions of iText users, both open source and commercial. iText’s customers (software developers, technology vendors, software integrators) span the fields of technology, financial, public, government and health care sectors including many of the Fortune 500 companies. iText has dedicated international teams with offices in Belgium (Ghent), South Korea (Seoul), Singapore and in the USA (Boston). 

About IDRsolutions 

IDRsolutions is a fast-growing UK-based software company, established in 1999 and with about 200 customers across the globe. IDRsolutions develop a range of software products, including a Java PDF SDK and ImageIO replacement Image library for Java developers, and a PDF to HTML5/SVG converter aimed at providing high-quality PDF document display in SaaS application and web browsers. 





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