iText Group NV: board meeting January 6 - 7

On January 6 and 7, we had the second board meeting of iText Group NV.

9th January 2014

On January 6 and 7, we had the second board meeting of iText Group NV. The first board meeting took place in iText HQ in Sint-Amandsberg. For the second meeting, we went to Redwood City, CA, more specifically to this building: This is a view from inside the meeting room. A couple of weeks before the meeting, all attendees (board members as well as the American advisors) received a 70-page business plan (addenda not included). It is testament to the quality of that business plan that we only needed the first day to discuss this plan and to determine the order of priorities, except for two items we deliberately saved for the second day. In the morning of day two, we discussed the reorganization of the company structure that has been achieved in 2013, making a TODO-list of items that still need to be done. In the afternoon, we discussed the priorities regarding the iText staff.

It was two fruitful days that will result in some interesting evolutions in the months to come. The board confirmed that there's a need for extra sales people and at least one developer in Belgium. There will be more job opportunities through other channels.


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