MMxiv: Memorable Moments '14

Last year, we started a new tradition with a first MM blog: MMxiii: Memorable Moments '13. In this blog, we take a look back at what we have achieved in 2014.

15th December 2014
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Last year, we started a new tradition with a first MM blog: MMxiii: Memorable Moments '13. In this blog, we take a look back at what we have achieved in 2014, making a month per month overview with pictures.


We started the month with an important board meeting in Redwood City:

During this board meeting, we decided to double the staff in less than a year. We started with the staff in Boston where we hired two new people. This led to the first (not the last) office relocation at the Cambridge Innovation Center of the year:


In February, we released iText 5.5.0 on its 14th birthday. We decided to make 2014 the year of PDF/A and PDF/UA. With every release in 2014, we improved the functionality to create and manipulate PDFs for archiving and accessibility.

We also decided on the location of the second iText summit: Cologne. This is a picture of the Summit kick-off lining up the different partners who agreed to present a talk:


March was the month of VSLive360 and ITEX in Las Vegas:

In the same month, we had the Codenvy webinar, the Community Leadership Summit and the Open Source Think Tank:


In April, we had a board meeting in Boston, where we decided to start conquering Asia.

We made good progress with respect to the hiring process.


In May, we released iText 5.5.1 and we hired Black Duck Software to perform a Survey regarding iText. Datanews published one of our CEO's blogs on their opinion pages: Naar de US of niet naar de US, dat is toch geen vraag!? / Aller aux Etats-Unis ou pas? Telle n'est pas la question! May was also a record-breaking month both in sales as well as in sessions on the web site (148,838 sessions).


June started with the news that iText's "PDF is dead; long live PDF" session was accepted for Java One. Half June, we had the iText Summit in Cologne: See PDF Days, iText Summit: Live Report, and iText Summit: Wrap-Up


To the outside world, June and August were slow months for iText. Internally, plenty of changes were being implemented: the new marketing manager presented her plans for the short term and the long term to the board. New sales people were hired and trained. We also decided to open an office in Singapore.


September was the month we started executing the new marketing plans. We started by selecting a new logo:

The new logo was right in time for Java One:


October was Award month. First we won the BelCham Entrepreneurship Award in the category "Most Promising Company of the Year 2014": Then we won the Belgian Edition of Deloitte's Technology Fast 50: Our Belgian result would eventually rank us on place #28 in Deloitte's Technology Fast 500 in the EMEA region.


November was Devoxx month. iText has two talks: one in the startup track and a birds of a feather talk:

iText joined the princely mission to Singapore, resulting in a series of very interesting meetings and a first partner agreement:


In December, iText was present at the PDF Days in Washington DC and New York City:

And, we are topping off the year with yet another release of iText - 5.5.4. It's definitely been a year to remember! iText has been expanding, improving our product, and serving customers better than ever before! We are ready for a deserved celebration, and enjoying the holiday season.


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