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A big thank you to our Q2 top contributors!


There are so many people that contribute information to us in order to help improve our code, products and projects. We want to make sure that our top contributors are being recognized for the help they give and that they know how much we appreciate them. Therefore, a big thank you to:

  1. mkl (number 1 contributor on StackOverflow)
  2. Alexey Subach (number 2 contributor on StackOverflow)
  3. COeDev (number 3 contributor on StackOverflow)
  4. LingMan (our power user at Github) who added the ability to provide custom file identifiers for the pdf trailer.

Keep up the great work, and we will announce our next top contributors in September!


Want to be a top contributor next quarter?

Winners are decided based on the number of questions they answer or by the impact their contribution has. 



iText 7.0.3, pdfSweep 1.0.2, pdfXFA 1.0.1, pdf2Data 1.1.0, and License Key Library 2.0.4


7.0.3 is the latest release for Java and .NET, bringing you another maintenance release for iText 7 Core/Community. The most important changes are: 

  • Improvements for smart mode (= reusing identical resources) and copying pages with form fields.
  • Added ECDSA algorithm OIDs.
  • Table layout improvements.
  • Fixed XXE vulnerability.
  • Various improvements for layout algorithms.

We've also updated pdfSweep to 1.0.2, pdfXFA to 1.0.1, pdf2Data 1.1.0 and the license key library to 2.0.4.


Did you see us at one of these events?


iText has been attending a lot of interesting events in the past few months. In April, our iText-team had talks about APIs at Newline (Ghent, Belgium), and about Natural Language Processing and how to become the next Zuckerberg at  GIDS (Banalore, India).

In May, we attended the Document Strategy ForumInnovFest (Singapore) ISO committee meetings (Berlin, Germany), OSCON (Austin, USA) and PDF Days (Berlin, Germany). At PDF Days, we shared our expertise and insights on the Next Generation PDF by giving a talk about server-side applications, how HTML responsiveness translates to PDF, and participated in the panel discussion - watch these talks here.

A couple of weeks ago you could also find us at the NDC Oslo event (Oslo, Norway). 

Missed us? You can still come and see us at one of our next events.


iText Developer Platform: expand your opportunities


Have you ever wanted to make money from your application development? But don't want to handle marketing and sales? We can help.

The iText developer platform is now available for third party add-ons. This means that we are looking for development partners who want to build and create iText 7 add-ons, but want to leave marketing and sales to the professionals. We sell your add-on as an iText product, and you get revenue sharing for every sale we make.

Sound interesting?


We won a Bronze Stevie Award (AMA)!


We were selected for the category: "Most Innovative Tech Company of the Year- Computer Services and Software", competing in the small business category (under 100 employees).

This is an exciting win for us, since we have focused on innovation in multiple areas of our business including:

  • Our dual licensing structure
  • A complete re-write of our core platform with iText 7
  • Separating functions that customers need into add-ons for commercial license, and expanding the iText offerings with them
  • Offering the most documentation for a PDF library, and continuing to bring more content to our users
  • Continually working on new products and technologies to expand PDF capability
  • And much more. 

ZUGFeRD: The Future of Invoicing - UPDATED


With the release of iText 7, some part of the first edition of the book "ZUGFeRD: The Future of Invoicing" became obsolete. In the meantime, we have been busy updating the content to iText 7 code and including new add-ons such as pdfHTML.

Today, ZUGFeRD is still a very important standard for invoicing, that makes processing invoices much easier by combining EDI standards (Electronic Data Interchange, e.g. Cross Industry Invoice or CII) with the PDF/A-3 standard. The human-oriented representation using PDF and the machine-oriented EDI information stored within the PDF are the key strengths of ZUGFeRD.  Download your FREE copy today.



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