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See you next year at Devoxx 2018!

A summary of our visit to Devoxx Belgium 2017, the Developers Community Conference.

Last week, we went to Devoxx Belgium, we listened to talks and had an exhibition stand with our own booth. We upgraded our space this year, and brought in a photobooth. It was fun to meet people, talk with developers who actually use iText and watch the great pictures visitors took—you can see them all on our facebook page.

Our dev team thought the talks were great this year, and some of the favorites were:

Two of our own devs also had talks at Devoxx:

  • "The impact of the GDPR on software development and products" by Michaël Demey - you can rewatch the full talk here. His talk gave more insights on what GDPR is and what its impact will be on software development and products, which steps developers could take to make their projects compliant with GDPR and which benefits this will bring your company.

  • "Build your own photo booth" by Joris Schellekens - you can find the presentation here. Exploring some wonderful APIs that handle images and face detection, and introducing (briefly) some of the concepts of image handling. The emphasis of the talk was on exploring libraries, crisp UIs and integration with social media.

We hope you had fun at Devoxx Belgium as well, and are looking forward to seeing you at the next event!


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