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"ZUGFeRD: The Future of Invoicing" - updated to iText 7 and new add-ons

With the release of iText 7, some part of the first edition of the book "ZUGFeRD: The Future of Invoicing" became obsolete.

With the release of iText 7, some part of the first edition of the book "ZUGFeRD: The Future of Invoicing" became obsolete. In the meantime, we have been busy updating the content to iText 7 code and including new add-ons such as pdfHTML. Today, ZUGFeRD is still a very important standard for invoicing, that makes processing invoices much easier by combining EDI standards (Electronic Data Interchange, e.g. Cross Industry Invoice or CII) with the PDF/A-3 standard. The human-oriented representation using PDF and the machine-oriented EDI information stored within the PDF are the key strengths of ZUGFeRD.

In this book, I will :

  • explain why conforming to the PDF/A standard is important,

  • show you how you can assure that a machine can read and process the invoices you create, and

  • introduce the Central User Guide for Electronic Invoicing in Germany (ZUGFeRD), a standard that was developed to meet these requirements.

Using some simple examples, I'll demonstrate how you can easily create ZUGFeRD-compliant invoices by applying some small changes to your iText-driven invoicing process.

Why should you read this book and get started with ZUGFeRD invoices?

  • Sending ZUGFeRD invoices will save you a lot of time and money.

    From printing, envelopes and posting, only a single output format is required for customers who process invoices by manual or automated means. Payments are received in a timely, reliable way. SMBs can meet the requirements of large corporations without any agreement.

  • Receiving ZUGFeRD invoices enables you to implement fully automatic, error-free Accounts Payable workflows.

    Mail clients can automatically detect incoming messages with a ZUGFeRD attachment. Electronic banking services can be used to transfer invoices directly into payment orders.

  • You will save on storage space and paper.

    When archiving, sharing or reproducing invoices,the cost of book keeping and auditing may be dramatically reduced, with fewer errors for senders and receivers.

Quickly download this e-book for free and get started with ZUGFeRD-compliant invoices!


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