GIDS 2018, Bangalore, India

For the third year in a row, iText was a sponsor at the Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) in Bangalore, India. It's an amazing event that attracts thousands of developers.

Blockchain, threat or opportunity?

Store your records in a reliable, immutable way

After enabling the paperless world and the dematerialization of paper, Bruno now sees signs of the dematerialization of the document. When boarding a plane, some people no longer use a boarding pass, they use an app. When paying an invoice, some people no longer look at the document, they pay with the app. For a long time, one could argue that the concept of the “document of record” is more secure than the databases in the back end, but now that there’s Blockchain, we have a secure alternative to store records in a reliable, immutable way. Threat or opportunity for business?

Bruno Lowagie headshot

Bruno Lowagie


Founder of iText PDF Library and the company.

Tech Session: iText DITO in action

Create templates in HTML5 format with the easy WYSIWYG.

iText DITO stands for Design Interactive Templates Online, and it offers developers a WYSIWYG to create templates in the HTML5 format. These templates can easily be populated with data, and converted to documents in PDF, PDF/A, and PDF/UA. With lots of third party options like Jasper Reports - that runs iText in the background, why did we create this product? Because there was a strong demand from the community for a new report designer that included additional features such as support for Indic languages, creation of accessible documents (PDF/UA), support for PDF 2.0 and more. Come see DITO in action.

Chanpreet Kathurina

Chanpreet Kathurina