Happy 15th Birthday iText!!!

The first ever version of iText was released 15 years ago on February 14th. From an individual project in 2000, to a community open source project, to a professional open source company, iText has gone through the exciting journey to becoming the world's best documented, feature-rich and forward-looking PDF library ever on the market.

None of this could have been possible without the passion and brilliancy of the collective iText community. The iText developer community has been growing from day one, downloading and using iText, sharing best practices and answering questions. The numbers are speaking for themselves:

6,000,000+ downloads...that's one download every 90 seconds!

70,764 Q&As on Sourceforge mailing list

23,607 Q&As on Stack Overflow

11,228 posts on Stack Overflow

12,894,587 total post views

Post activity has been increasing each year:

The market has responded. iText hit new records in 2014:

4,000% revenue growth in 5 years

Most Promising Company of the Year by Belcham

#1 Fastest Growing Company in Belgium by Deloitte Fast 50

#28 Fastest Growing Company in EMEA by Deloitte Fast 500

iText's success through the years:


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