Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2019

iText joined HKOSCO 2019 in Hong Kong and met with numerous local developers.

12 Science Park E Ave, Science Park
Hong Kong SAR China

Few weeks ago, iText exhibited at Hong Kong Open Source Conference (HKOSCon) in Hong Kong Science Park. HKOSCon is one of the major Open Source Conferences in Hong Kong since its first commencement in 2013, bringing international IT professionals of developers, contributors, users, IT managers, students and public. We had the opportunity to introduce our technology and our license models, especially, AGPL license to local developers and attendees related to IT. 

As an open-source event, many people had an interest in iText's free open-source software. Aside from discussing our open-source library, we also provided information on our Commercial license model as well. We delivered the concept of 2 different license models and how to use the AGPL license correctly. Such information gave tech enthusiasts the chance to understand the dual-license models and iText's versatility. Thank you to those that were interested to learn more about us. 

For those that attended the event, we appreciate your interest and hope you had a great time. Feel free to check out our iText 7, a PDF software development platform - written in Java and . NET and our latest innovation, iText DITO, a powerful template engine that converts data into iText quality PDFs. We look forward to meeting more developers at HKOSCO 2020!