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JAXenter's Geertjan Wielinga sat down with iText founder and CSO Bruno Lowagie to talk PDF libraries, and more specifically iText 7.

JAXenter interviews iText founder Bruno Lowagie

In this interview, Bruno hypes iText 7 for its "new architecture that allows us to meet a lot of our other customer requests at the same time. For instance, EverNote is a customer that uses iText on Android, that reached the implementation limits of iText and so they’ll also benefit from the new architecture, which is more modular, enabling the user to select which parts they want to use. We cleaned up the API, in the past it wasn’t possible to see the difference between a class and an interface, and we have refactored things to make it more intuitive and consistent from a programming point of view." He also offers a look back at 2015, a year that was jam-packed with award wins and the news about the Hancom acquisition and ThinkFree setup. You can read the interview in its entirety here.

Bruno Lowagie headshot

Bruno Lowagie


Founder of iText PDF Library and the company.