OpenSourceForU, India

iText founder and strategist Bruno Lowagie sat down for a long interview with OpenSourceForU, India's prime press portal on all matters open source. In the interview, he talked about the past and future of iText and PDF and shared his wisdom about monetizing open source projects in the smartest way.

iText founder talks open source, PDF and IP

You can read the entire interview by clicking here, but here's an excerpt of Bruno's words:

"India can play a vital role in expanding the open source world by allowing this vast resource of talented people to contribute to open source projects. When you write closed source software, you can’t show the world how talented you are. Open source software is very transparent; everyone can assess the quality of your code. Ultimately, this should improve the quality of code in general".

Bruno Lowagie headshot

Bruno Lowagie


Founder of iText PDF Library and the company.