Introducing iText pdfOCR

Do you find yourself in a situation where a lot of manual data entry is involved while processing scanned or printed documents? Does your organization sit on a mountain of physical or historical documents containing valuable information for data mining?

Allowing accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to be integrated into document workflows and processes, the brand new iText 7 add-on, iText pdfOCR is a powerful open-source product enabling text recognition and extraction for scanned documents, and conversion into editable PDFs. 

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  • iText 7 Core: to program PDF documents in Java or .NET (C#), and secure, password protect, digitally sign, merge, split...

  • pdfOCR:  to convert your scanned documents, PDFs and images into fully ISO-compliant PDF or PDF/A-3u files making it possible to access and process the text they contain. built upon the open-source Tesseract OCR Engine.

  • pdfSweep: to remove (redact) information from a PDF document in a reliable and secure way.

  • pdfCalligraph: to unlock advanced typographic features in PDF, and expand your document workflow with global languages and writing system.
  • pdfRender: to generate images from PDFs.
  • pdfXFA: to flatten XFA forms to static PDF and add a digital signature as additional security for further processing in PDF workflows or for archiving.
  • pdfHTML: to easily convert HTML and CSS into standards compliant PDFs that are accessible, searchable and usable for indexing.
  • pdf2Data: to easily extract data from PDF documents.


Why use iText 7?

iText 7 is a straightforward, performant and extensible library that is ready to handle the challenges of today's digital document workflows. With iText 7, you don't have to worry about PDF standards, you can just focus on your business needs and document content.

Technical documentation

In our rich and up-to-date Knowledge Base, you can find our libraries, plus our installation guides, examples and any other technical documentation you might need when working with our technology.

Do you want to contribute?

We are always looking for developers to share their experiences with iText. Feel free to drop us an email ( Pull requests are also always welcome!