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iText 7 pdfDebug

If you are developing PDFs in Java or C# (.NET), pdfDebug is a must-have for efficient PDF programming.

pdfDebug is a unique PDF debugger that integrates into your IDE and allows you to debug your code while your are writing it.

pdfDebug shows you the complete internal structure of your PDF files turning your PDF file inspection into a breeze.


How does it work?

After installing pdfDebug from the Eclipse MarketplaceNetbeans Plugin Portal or IntelliJ Plugins repo, you need to activate debug mode in iText 7:

PdfWriter writer = new PdfWriter("output.pdf", new WriterProperties().useDebugMode());


When debugging, a PdfDocument instance will be displayed with the pdfDebug view:

Debugging using pdfDebug

Highlighting changes

When stepping through the code, pdfDebug will highlight which parts of the PDF structure have changed. In the example below, a page (object 6) has been added, resulting in changes in the /Count and /Kids entries.

Highlighting changes in pdfdebug


Why use iText 7 pdfDebug?

Don't get bugged by bugs.  

pdfDebug icon svg
Making it easy to find and correct bugs

This add-on allows you to clearly see the internal structure of your PDF files through a detailed tree view. Collections of panels showcase interesting PDF data structures.

pdfDebug icon svg
Verification during PDF programming

Instead of tracking back from a final faulty output document, pdfDebug allows you to analyze partial and unfinished documents during their creation, making them accessible for various PDF viewers (humans) and tools (machines). 

pdfDebug icon svg
Available for several IDEs

pdfDebug is currently available for Eclipse, IntelliJ and NetBeans.

Key features

Core capabilities of iText 7 pdfDebug

  • Analyze your PDF processing instructions in real time

  • Clearly see if anything goes wrong as it is happening and fix it

  • Visualization of your document in a clean tree structure, allows for a detailed view of your file's objects, components and their relationships

  • Improve your PDF processing

Core capabilities development icon
Integrate into your development environment

Allows you to work within the trusted environment of your IDE.

Core capabilities development icon
Leverage your IDE's debug framework

Use breakpoints and step-by-step execution to pinpoint where there’s room for improvement in your PDF processing.

Core capabilities development icon
Show the internal structure of PDF documents

You can easily browse the PDF object structure and inspect the different objects and streams. Highlights show your progress or unintentional changes.

Core capabilities development icon
Integrate seamlessly with iText 7 Core/Community

Simply enable the debug mode of iText 7.


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