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How to make a footer stick to bottom of every pdf page?

I'm using ItextSharp to create a PDF with content from my database. This content is visualized as a table. For this table, I define a footer that sticks to the bottom of every page except for the last page because there might not be enough content to "push" the footer down. How can I make sure that my footer stays at the bottom of every page no matter what?

Posted on StackOverflow on Feb 17, 2015 by Carsten Løvbo Andersen

Please take a look at the source code of PdfPTable, more specifically at the SetExtendLastRow() method:

 * When set the last row on every page will be extended to fill
 * all the remaining space to the bottom boundary; except maybe the
 * final row.
 * @param extendLastRows true to extend the last row on each page;
 *     false otherwise
 * @param extendFinalRow false if you don't want to extend
 *     the final row of the complete table
 * @since iText 5.0.0
public void SetExtendLastRow(bool extendLastRows, bool extendFinalRow) {
    extendLastRow[0] = extendLastRows;
    extendLastRow[1] = extendFinalRow;

If you want the last row to extend to the bottom of the last page, you need to set extendFinalRow to true (the default for extendLastRows and extendFinalRow is false).

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