How do I get an object if I have its indirect reference?

I am using iTextSharp to analyze a form enabled PDF. I know how to navigate to the radio button control. I would like to analyze the individual radio buttons.

I have the PdfArray of the "kids" for the radio button. Each item in that array is a PdfIndirectReference. How do I get the actual object when all I have is the PdfIndirectReference?

Posted on StackOverflow on Jul 12, 2013 by epotter

Suppose that array is the PdfArray object, then you have a complete series of methods to get its elements. You're probably using the Get() method, but you should use the GetDirectObject() one of the GetAsX() methods. For instance:

PdfDictinary d = array.GetAsDict(0);
PdfArray a = array.GetAsArray(1);
PdfObject o = array.GetDirectObject(2);

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