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What are the minimum system requirements for iText DITO?

What are the OS and software requirements for using iText DITO?

To design and create your templates you need to use the iText DITO template editor, and the latest version can be found at This is the online demo environment for the template editor.

If you would like to run the editor web service yourself, it requires Java 8. You can find the artifact here: Installation details are available in our white paper.


There are two ways to create PDF documents from templates that have been designed using the iText DITO template editor:

  1. iText DITO SDK for Docker, a Docker image that can be found at, and instructions on usage are available on the same page.
  2. iText DITO Java SDK. This is a Java library with which you can integrate the templates into your existing workflow. You can download the Java SDK from:

The Java SDK supports both the Oracle JRE and Open JRE and Java 8 update 152 or higher is required. Older versions are not guaranteed to be compatible.


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