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What functions and mathematical operators are supported in iText DITO?

iText DITO supports the following functions:

  1. sum
  2. product
  3. concat
  4. moneyToText
  5. numberToText

Function usage

These functions can be used with the following generic syntax:

funcName(argument1, argument2, ...)

Arguments are the names of the fields that are referred in the calculation expression. Function arguments refer to the fields in the way similar to binding. The reason they refer to fields is that some fields may not be bound to a value, e.g. calculated fields. If you want to use a specific value from data you provided, you can create a hidden field with read-only binding.

If you want to calculate the function based on the variable number of fields all of which have the same name, you can also use the "[*]" notation.

You can also enter expressions in a free form. The supported mathematical operators are "+", "*", "-", "/".


product(price, quantity)


a + b - c * d

concat function

In addition to concatination arguments, the concat function accepts an optional named parameter called separator which specifies a delimiter to be used during concatenation. By default the delimiter is an empty string, i.e. all the strings are just appended one to another sequentially

Data references

Calculations may contain references to data, such as the following examples:


{{total}} + {{vat}}


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