What is iText DITO?

26th March 2019
iText PDF

iText DITO is a powerful template engine with two main components:

  • A user-friendly design tool that allows both developers and non-developers to quickly create dynamic, responsive and interactive input forms and dynamic output templates; significantly reducing your design and implementation costs.
  • A Java SDK to allow developers to easily integrate the templates into your existing infrastructure.

The browser-based template designer enables you to create and edit using an intuitive WYSIWYG interface, meaning changes are visual, straightforward, immediate and typically much faster than if you had to make similar changes in a code-only solution. It's HTML5 based, and templates are built using easy to add elements such as rich text, text fields, sub-forms, images, tables and more. In addition, CSS 3 is supported to allow you to apply consistent company branding and styles.

The Java SDK back end is enterprise-grade, and built on proven iText technology. Despite this, it can be integrated into your existing workflow in just a few lines of code, and is configurable to fit your needs.

If you would like to learn more, see our Introducing iText DITO blog post.


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