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Installing iText 5 toolbox for .NET developers


Before downloading and installing the iText 5 Software Products, you need to agree upon our iText license agreement. You can read the iText license ageements here.

To download iText Sharp (.NET) you can download from either NuGet or GitHub

See below for instructions for each platform.

iTextSharp on NuGet

You can also install iTextSharp from NuGet. Just run the following command in the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package iTextSharp

The other packages (for PDF/A, extra functionality, XML Worker, XFA Worker, and the License Key library) can be installed using similar commands:

PM> Install-Package itextsharp.pdfa PM> Install-Package itextsharp.xtra PM> Install-Package itextsharp.xmlworker PM> Install-Package itextsharp.xfaworker PM> Install-Package itext7.licensekey

iTextSharp on GitHub

On GitHub, you can find the source code for all open-source iTextSharp components. You can download zip files with all the necessary DLLs from the iTextSharp release page:

  • contains zip files with the core DLL, the PDF/A DLL and the iText xtra DLL. It also includes ZIP files with the source code.

  • contains zip file with the XML Worker DLL and source code.

Always make sure that you're using DLLs with the same version number, e.g. don't mix iTextSharp 5.4.0 with XML Worker 5.5.7.


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