Installing iText 7 Core for .NET developers

How to install iText 7 Core .NET version

Thank you for your interest in our closed-source PDF library, iText 7 Core, we hope you will enjoy using our product and share your experiences with us and the iText community. We will walk you through the installation process, from downloading iText 7 Core to adding the dependency to your .NET building tool.

Finally, if you would require extra help please have a look at our FAQs or the community discussion at StackOverflow. If you are interested in getting support of our in-house developers and/or a license key for commercial iText products, you will need to acquire a commercial license.

Before you install

  • Make sure you have purchased a commercial license of iText 7 Core. All downloads we offer closed-source come with our commercial license model.
  • Important remark: In the installation guide, we use NuGet as a building tool for .NET. - iText 7 Core


Automated dependency management

iText 7 Core is available on NuGet. If you need all iText 7 Core modules, you can install them with a single NuGetPackage by typing the following command in the NuGet Package Manager: Install-Package itext7. The iText 7 license key library is a required dependency for these packages, so it will automatically be installed as well.

Using the iText Artifactory Server

iText 7 NuGet packages are also available on the iText Artifactory server. You can add it as a custom NuGet repository to Visual Studio. In the NuGet Package Manager, go to the settings and add the following URL as a package source: You can also browse the iText Artifactory server and download NuGet packages manually.

iText 7 Core .NET on GitHub

The source code is available on GitHub.

You can download the modules (.nupkg) of iText 7 Core in a single ZIP file for .NET. Version iText 7 Core.

Developers can clone the following git projects to access the source code .NET version iText 7 Core.

Adding our iText 7 add-ons

If you would like to add one of our add-ons, please first have a look at below compatibility matrix and the installation guides of each of these add-ons.

Compatibility Matrix

Use our easy compatibility matrix tool to find more information about the compatibility between your current iText Core/Community version and our add-ons and 3rd-party standalone applications

Add-ons 7.1.5

iText 7 Core


iText 7 Community



2.0.0 - 2.1.2



More add-ons 7.1.5










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