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Release iText 0.30 - iText 0.39

iText 0.30 - iText 0.39 is a release for iText.

iText 0.30 - iText 0.39 is a release for iText.

iText 0.30 - iText 0.39

iText 0.30 (February 14, 2000)

  • Some errors in the metrics are corrected using an AFM-parser written by Stefan Mainz.
  • I made some changes in the class PdfFont. Some methods are moved to the class PdfFontMetrics. I also solved a bug submitted by Brent Stains, who had a list of names that he'd liked to put in a single cell. The HTML equivalent was "<TD>name1<BR> name2<BR>....</TD>".
  • If you ran the old Test-class on a PC (Windows), character 128 to 159 is replaced by a question mark. I solved this problem by specifying the encoding (latin1) when I invoke getBytes() or when I construct a new String.
  • The use of color is added to the library
  • I made some new classes in package com.lowagie.text:
    • class Anchor extends Phrase implements Element
    • class BadElementException extends DocumentException
    • class Cell extends Rectangle implements Element
    • class Chapter extends Section implements Element
    • class Chunk implements Element
    • interface DocListener extends EventListener
    • class Document implements DocListener
    • class DocumentException extends Exception
    • abstract class DocWriter implements DocListener
    • interface Element
    • class Font implements Comparable
    • class Header extends Meta implements Element
    • class HeaderFooter extends Rectangle
    • class List implements Element
    • class ListItem extends Paragraph implements Element
    • class Meta implements Element
    • class PageSize
    • class Paragraph extends Phrase implements Element
    • class Phrase extends ArrayList implements Element
    • class Rectangle implements Element
    • class Row implements Element
    • class Section extends ArrayList implements Element
    • class Table extends Rectangle implements Element
    I have also made some classes to generate HTML:
    • class HtmlWriter extends DocListener
    • class HtmlEncoder
    • class HtmlAttributes extends TreeMap
    and XML:
    • class XmlWriter extends DocListener
    The following classes in com.lowagie.text.pdf are new or have been changed in a drastic way.
    • class PdfBody, PdfCatalog, PdfInfo have become inner classes
    • class PdfCell extends Rectangle
    • class PdfChunk extends PdfString
    • class PdfDocument extends Document implements DocListener, PdfListener
    • class PdfLine
    • class PdfListener extends EventListener
    • class PdfRectangle extends Rectangle
    • class PdfTable extends Rectangle
    • class PdfWriter extends DocWriter implements PdfListener
  • Document are now generated in a whole other way:
    • constructing a document is a lot more userfriendly
    • documents are now written directly to an OutputStream.


iText 0.35 (August 8, 2000)

  • Fonts of type Symbol/Zapfdingbats were not shown on some devices
  • Minor bugfixes concerning tables
  • Support of Jpeg-images
  • Support of Gif-images


iText 0.36 (September 11, 2000)

  • Bugfix: pagenumbers were reals. This gave problems in Ghostview
  • Bugfix: some shades of Gray gave problems in the Gif Color Table
  • BugFix: when you changed the backgroundcolor of the rectangle that describes the pagesize of a document, this color was not shown on the document.
  • Bugfix: centering of images
  • Support of Png-images (by Paulo Soares)


iText 0.37 (October 2000)

  • Bugfix: PNG-support and Rotation (fixed by Paulo Soares)
  • Bugfix: Error in class Watermark fixed
  • Possibility to add graphic elements (lines, curves,...) with the Graphic-object.
  • Implementation of the Anchor-object for PDF (not yet as I want it to be)
  • Possibility to add Text Annotations


iText 0.38 (November 2000)

  • Possibility to underline/strike chunks
  • Nested lists
  • Better management of Page Resources (1 Resource Dictionary per page)
  • Destinations (doesn't work yet)


iText 0.39 (December 2000)

  • Omission of the PdfListener-interface
  • Omission of the PdfRoot-object
  • Changes in the way pages and page are managed
  • Outlines
  • All Chapters and Sections are put in an outline tree

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